Spring Break

If you reserve a spring break week, we ask that you follow
some very reasonable restrictions.  This is our personal, well-kept
condominium unit, and we want to keep it nice
for other renters.  If you don't agree with the rules,
please be kind enough to find another source for your accommodations. 
If you do agree, we welcome you to stay at our condo.

1.  We ask that no more than four people occupy the unit during Spring Break,
unless otherwise approved by us.

2.  No parties in the unit.

3.  No funnels or kegs on Summit property.

No smoking in the unit.

5.  The unit will be personally inspected by us at the end of your stay.

Money will be withheld from the deposit and/or legal action taken
to collect amounts over and above the deposit amount for damage to the unit,
damage to the Summit building or grounds, additional housekeeping,
or any trash or debris left inside the unit.

7.  The Summit management has the right to refuse service to
anyone and to terminate residency.  If you are evicted from the Summit,
you will not receive a refund of your rent.

Any violation of the above will result in the forfeiture of your deposit and/or legal action taken to collect additional amounts.

For reservation info, e-mail katie@scarlettsbeachrental.com